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Bonus Interview with Maria McCool – Beauty Brand Expert and Founder of Calista Tools

We are excited to feature a bonus interview with one of our long-time clients, Maria Mcool, who will speak about going for the business you love and how to create success in your life. In this episode she shares:

  • How she defied the teachers at school and listened to heart to go for the career of her choice
  • How developed a massive beauty business that is featured on QVC
  • How to sell from the heart with sincerity for great success
  • How personal growth is a life-long process and you are always growing
  • How to stand out in the marketplace and do things differently to make an impact
  • What is BEAUTY BRAVE?
  • Why she loves Jungian Coaching and how it has impacted her business and life


Maria McCool has never been one to blindly accept the status quo. The co-owner of Calista Grand Salon and Spa and Calista TOOLS began her career by defying the conventional thinking of her high school teachers. She entered herself into cosmetology school before her 16th birthday and was working as a stylist before she graduated high school. Visit Maria’s site at http://Calistatools.com

Maria traveled the world over the first five years of her career training and competing as a stylist. Winning many national and international awards gained her a reputation that attracted many clients and also top beauty companies. They welcomed her on their styling teams and she went city to city demonstrating the latest trends and educating stylists across the country. She excitedly worked with brands such as Paul Mitchell, Perma of Paris and Aveda. McCool believes this is where her knowledge and skill of product development was first born.

At age 23, Maria’s love of business and making her clients look and feel their best lead her to partnering with Donald Moore to open a full-service salon in 1989, Calista – a name chosen because it means “most beautiful”.

Committed to extraordinary services and satisfying customers expectations in a comfortable pleasant environment, Calista expanded to a Grand three-story space in 1998. Along with their staff of 90 beauty professionals, their secret is still the same as day one-the customer is always right, constant training and family-style relationships created with both clients and staff.

In efforts to take her and her teams’ styling skills to a whole new level, Maria received training as an image specialist at FIT and with one of her lead stylists, developed a proprietary system to define personal style through body image, personal style and color choices. She worked with QVC for 10 years to evolve the on-air hosts and guests image. Whether she works with a celebrity, a CEO. a teacher or a mom, she teaches the art of great style because Maria believes everyone benefits from it and deserves it.

Driven by her passion to empower her customers to get salon-styled hair at home with simple to use products and tools that give great results, lead her to the creation of Calista Products and Tools. The brand was launched in 2007 on QVC. Since, the brand has grown to be one of QVC’s top beauty brands, successfully established a space in Direct Response TV and acquired distribution all over the world.

McCool isn’t about to stop designing innovations that serve her growing fan base. She prides herself on making great style easily obtainable to all. She is forever seeking out potential industry breakthroughs and her attention to detail shines through in everything she does.

“Beauty is not about looking perfect, it’s about discovering your unique essence, building your confidence and feeling great from head to toe, inside and out,” says Maria. She has redefined the concept of beauty perfection-through her style services, products, tools/techniques, and award-winning Salon and Spa. Maria sees the beauty in everyone and has a self-described passion to make us fall in love with ourselves-to look in the mirror and think we are perfect just the way we are once we realize our true selves.

Even with her lifetime Beauty Career, Maria manages to thoroughly enjoy her three children and all their sports, hobbies and energy levels which seem to match their mom’s. She was a single mom for over a decade, which gave her more motivation to succeed so she could provide for her family but with enormous faith and spirituality, she truly lives by the theory that possibilities are endless and we can have all that we can imagine with positive thoughts, words and actions. She now enjoys her new married life with the man she always dreamed of. Maria has enormous gratitude for all her blessings. She remains excited about her work “I love the art of transformation,” she says. “after 30 years, still the best reward is seeing women light up with delight when we uncover her true beauty.”

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BONUS INTERVIEW: Nada Lena -Empowered Women Rise

This week we are bringing another inspiring interview with Nada Lena Nasserdeen, the founder of Rise Up For You. We will discuss how women have a difficult time stepping into their power and how they can build confidence to lead in their life and business.

BONUS INTERVIEW WITH NADA LENA – Empowered Women Rise – Becoming Your Best Self 

In this talk, Empowered Women Rise – Becoming Your Best Self, Nada shares her empowering story on how she was able to redefine herself and her happiness. Through her Six Pillars to a Prosperous Life Blueprint, Nada provides practical strategies to jumpstart becoming your best-self, and teaches the importance of focusing on the WHOLE woman!

Nada Lena Nasserdeen is the founder and CEO of “Rise Up For You,” a company dedicated to empowering and educating women across the globe. She is a motivational speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and an advocate for youth and women’s empowerment.

In addition to being a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, Nada is an accomplished woman with a diverse background. She has toured the world as a singer, has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and has coached and mentored close to 50,000 women and young adults worldwide on self-empowerment and leadership. Through her art performances, motivational speeches, college classes, and interactive workshops, Nada has helped individuals recognize and foster their inner potential across a number of fields.

In 2004, Nada began traveling the world, empowering people in countries such as Russia, Japan, Gibraltar, and Spain. In 2011, Nada Lena became a top executive for an education corporation in Southern California, where she mentored professional men and women in leadership and discussed best practices in teaching methods for students K-12. Furthermore, Nada has many years of experience working with the Orange County Department of Education, providing hands-on learning opportunities for students in the juvenile detention center and students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Nada has been featured on a number of media outlets, such as Women Who Reign, the podcast Your Working Life, The Bold Life Movement, The Conscious Hustler, Write Now, and OC Talk Radio. She has been a motivational keynote speaker at numerous events, like the Women’s Health Expo in Pasadena, The Young Professional Networking Event in Canada, The Lead the Way Educators Conference in Michigan, P.U.S.H Empowerment Conference in the Inland Empire, and many more!

Among being at the forefront of Rise Up For You, Nada is currently a Professor at The Young Americans College of The Performing Arts where she teaches in both the Breadth of Knowledge and Music Department. In addition, Nada sits on the board for the Women’s Impact Council at the Costa Mesa Center Club as well as the non-profit organization, Hope Seekers.

Nada’s mission is to change the world one woman at a time. Visit her website at http://riseupforyou.com

54: Psychology of Sales Mastery for Women

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur or even jockeying for your next promotion, you know the value of mastering sales. Unfortunately, many of the sales training systems available are developed by men and do not naturally fit a woman’s style. In this episode, Rob interviews Debi about her experience in sales and how women are natural salespeople.

54: Psychology of Sales Mastery for Women

In this episode, we talk about pitching “like a girl” and how that is a good thing.

  • All parts of business involve sales if you want to be successful.
  • How the majority of leaders in businesses are men and the trainings available are masculine-driven.
  • How you do not need to be aggressive to be a great salesperson
  • Learn how the feminine approach to sales is a better fit for women business owners
  • How sales is about sharing information and helping them solve a problem
  • How women who care too much can affect their ability to sell

If you ever struggled with sales tactics that just did not fit for you, this episode will help you understand why and shift your attitude about sales.

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BONUS: Interview with Julia Broome on Spiritual Psychology of Health and Fitness

This is a bonus episode where I interview one of our Evolve Leadership graduates and attendees of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, Julia Broome. If you ever struggled with your health or trying to lose weight, this is a great conversation about the body shadow and how to apply Jungian Psychology with your healthy living goals. Listen to Julia’s take on crash diets or fad diets like Intermittent Fasting, Keto and Paleo diets and how they are based on men. This episode is chock-full of advice on how to eat healthily and how to make changes in your body that lasts. Debi also shares her personal struggle with health and dieting and fun conversation about creating a body you love.

BONUS INTERVIEW: JULIA BROOME – Spiritual Psychology of Health and Fitness

Julia Broome is the founder of Mind-to-Size.  Julia is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, yoga instructor, and in the process of becoming a Certified Jungian Life Coach with the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology.  She is currently bringing into her business the deeper aspect of working with the mind in order to unify the mind with the body to achieve lasting results in health and fitness, hence the company name Mind-to-Size.

Julia shares her journey from becoming a professional diver to starting her business as a personal trainer. Listen to her story on how she got into health and fitness and why she is passionate about this field of work. Visit her website and get a free gift at Mind-to-Size.com

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51: How to Realize Your Vision and the Mindset to Create the Life You Want

You have big dreams but may feel stuck along the journey to get to the next level. In this episode is going to be about how to realize your vision, how to have a vision in your mind and how you can make it a reality in your life, whether you want to have more success, whether you want to have better health or whether you want to find true love.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How everything in your life is created
  • How your mind is the creative center
  • How we look for external conditions to make us happy and how this is the root of dissatisfaction
  • How to take aligned action to realize your vision
  • How the unconscious is dictating what you are creating
  • How to make the unconscious conscious so your can direct your life
  • Using Visualization and why it works

Your results are not showing you what is possible, they are showing you what is in your mind. – Debi Maldonado

The Three Keys we share to create:

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Passion (Intensity)

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50: Why Your Life is Not Changing: 7 Misconceptions About Personal Growth

For the past ten years, the self-help industry has grown tremendously with the help of the internet and ability to reach people all over the world. All you have to do is have a website or even a facebook page to claim you are an “expert” and gain a following. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation about personal growth and people are getting mixed messages as to what the true reality is and what real transformation looks like.

50: Why Your Life is Not Changing: 7 Misconceptions About Personal Growth

In this episode, Debi is co-hosting with Teresa Anne who is the head coach in our Evolve Women’s Leadership program. We explain…

  • why things are not working the way you like and get insight as to what may be holding you back
  • why nothing is wrong with you and how to use personal growth as an empowerment tool
  • how to stop looking for the one-hit-wonders and commit to a lasting transformation
  • how resistance is normal and how to work with it
  • insight does not give you a transformation and what does
  • why it is important to get support from an experienced mentor rather than trying to do everything on your own.

This is an extra-long episode chock-full of great content. Be sure to sign up for your free shadow session with Teresa at FreeShadowSession.com

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48: What is Jungian Life Coaching?

We are paving the way for a higher level of training in personal development with our unique Jungian Spiritual Psychology Life Coaching method (JSP Method). Based on Carl Jung’s Individuation process, we took the best of depth psychology and eastern wisdom and creating a coaching model for those who wish to experience their higher selves.

48:  What is Jungian Life Coaching?

At our Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, we train coaches in this model to help others work with emotions, their shadow selves and dreams so they can consciously create a life they want with freedom of mind. If you ever wondered if you would like to become a life coach, but the corporate life coach training is not for you, listen to this podcast where we delve into the process, help you understand our approach and see if you are right for this exclusive training that is only open to twenty people per year. JungianLifeCoach.com

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47: Bonus Interview with Anouska Taylor Certified Vocal Instructor

From time to time we like to interview our clients and coach graduates to share their wisdom and experience with the audience. If you ever wondered if your voice can be better, speaking clearer, less strained and more powerful, you will love our interview with Anouska Taylor, a Certified Vocal Instructor.

If you have never experienced speaking voice training, you are missing out. Having someone help you use the vocal muscles in a powerful way can prevent strained speaking, losing your voice after long hours of talking and having a powerful presence.

47: Bonus Interview with Anouska Taylor Certified Vocal Instructor

Anouska Taylor is an accomplished singer / performer and certified vocal instructor with an international voice organisation.  Anouska has been teaching for over a decade and works with singers and speakers to discover the full potential of their voice.  Born and raised in the UK, Anouska has been performing and studying voice for over 20 years both in Melbourne (where she currently lives) and London.

You can discover more about her work and DOWNLOAD HER FREE VOICE CARE GUIDE at www.anouskataylor.com


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46: What is Karma and How Does It Influence Your Life

Have you ever been told that something bad happened because of bad karma. You might buy into the idea that maybe you were a terrible person in a past life who did terrible things and that is why you cannot find a relationship or succeed. Is this the truth about how Karma works? That is what we discuss in this episode.

46: What is Karma and How Does It Influence Your Life

In this thought-provoking discussion, we explain four important things you need to know to understand karma.

  1. Difference between philosophy and religion when it comes to karma
  2. How Karma is known in modern psychology as conditioning
  3. What the Upanishads and The Gita say about karma and describe it as a binding force of action
  4. Good News! How you can escape past karma and create without attachment for a happier life

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44: How the Ego Limits Your Success

Feeling stuck in your business but not sure what is happening? You try to think positive, you work hard but something isn’t clicking and you feel like you are behind and struggling to make your dream a reality. In this episode, we explain how the ego operates and how it influences your success and how to understand yourself so you can create the momentum in your business that you want.

EPISODE 44: How the Ego Limits Your Success

  • As a woman entrepreneur, is your ego limiting your success?
  • How does your family and early life influence your adult business relationships?
  • Understand the different layers of conditioning that you are exposed to throughout your life that formulate your personality and belief system
  • How your peers are a bigger influence than your family determining your expectations for success
  • How to transcend the ego so you can get the success you want.

Check out our newest coaching program: Awaken Your Wisdom 8-week coaching program to help you understand what is psychologically stopping you from getting the success you want without doing therapy.  YourWisdomMind.com

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