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47: Bonus Interview with Anouska Taylor Certified Vocal Instructor

From time to time we like to interview our clients and coach graduates to share their wisdom and experience with the audience. If you ever wondered if your voice can be better, speaking clearer, less strained and more powerful, you will love our interview with Anouska Taylor, a Certified Vocal Instructor.

If you have never experienced speaking voice training, you are missing out. Having someone help you use the vocal muscles in a powerful way can prevent strained speaking, losing your voice after long hours of talking and having a powerful presence.

47: Bonus Interview with Anouska Taylor Certified Vocal Instructor

Anouska Taylor is an accomplished singer / performer and certified vocal instructor with an international voice organisation.  Anouska has been teaching for over a decade and works with singers and speakers to discover the full potential of their voice.  Born and raised in the UK, Anouska has been performing and studying voice for over 20 years both in Melbourne (where she currently lives) and London.

You can discover more about her work and DOWNLOAD HER FREE VOICE CARE GUIDE at www.anouskataylor.com


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