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60: Managing Expectations to Get Better Results with the Law of Attraction

If you keep creating what you do not want and blame external circumstances, this episode will help you understand why and how to shift inside to change your results.

EPISODE 60: Expecting New Results with the Law of Attraction

In this episode, we help you understand how to create new results using the law of attraction by changing your expectations. Find out:

  • Why the law of attraction is really the law of perception
  • Why you are getting the results you are experiencing in your life?
  • The true cause of your reality is in your mind
  • Why your expectation dictates what you create
  • How does consciousness really work?
  • The three things you need to create what you want

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43: Shame and Guilt of Success and Transcending the Ego

Have you ever felt guilty when you were around family or friends who do not have the same success as you? Do you feel a fear of failure because of judgments of others in your social circle or industry?

In the first of a few episodes on the ego and how it influences your success, we describe how people define success and how the ego limits your business and life.

  • How do you work with the ego?
  • How do you transcend the ego based on Jungian Psychology?
  • How do you stop allowing the guilt of success or fear of failure get in the way of you reaching your dreams?
  • Who is your TRUE SELF and what is possible for life and business?

Thought-provoking series on why you need to deal with the ego, not get rid of it, but also not allow it to drive your will and limit your income, your opportunities, your success and happiness.

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