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63: Healing is not coaching. Experience a new paradigm shift in personal growth.

If you feel exhausted from personal growth with healing your inner child or soul wounds, this is a refreshing message for you. You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you.

Episode 63: Healing is not coaching. Experience a new paradigm shift in personal growth.

In this episode, we will share:

  • How labels have a powerful impact on our brain and our mind;
  • Rob’s experience working with children with learning disabilities and how he saw the idea of brokenness limited the child’s potential;
  • Why your true self can never be broken and how the conditioning in your life was created by a healthy mind;
  • How the coaching industry has come from the therapy-model and why many coaches are calling themselves healers and not actually doing any coaching;
  • What is possible when you stop healing yourself and start creating your life from your true potential;
  • How to empower people without healing them.

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43: Shame and Guilt of Success and Transcending the Ego

Have you ever felt guilty when you were around family or friends who do not have the same success as you? Do you feel a fear of failure because of judgments of others in your social circle or industry?

In the first of a few episodes on the ego and how it influences your success, we describe how people define success and how the ego limits your business and life.

  • How do you work with the ego?
  • How do you transcend the ego based on Jungian Psychology?
  • How do you stop allowing the guilt of success or fear of failure get in the way of you reaching your dreams?
  • Who is your TRUE SELF and what is possible for life and business?

Thought-provoking series on why you need to deal with the ego, not get rid of it, but also not allow it to drive your will and limit your income, your opportunities, your success and happiness.

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BONUS 42: Interview with Jungian Life Coach, Michelle Ton

In this bonus episode, we interview Michelle Ton, a recent student in our Jungian Life Coach training in our Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology. Michelle came to us looking for a great relationship, she found that and found her purpose. Hear Michelle’s Story and her insights as to how she made the changes in her life through Jungian Psychology Coaching.

BONUS INTERVIEW EPISODE: Michelle Ton – Jungian Life Coach – YourLimitlessJourney.com

Michelle lives in Sacramento with the love of her life and her story is an inspiration to anyone who thought they would never find love. She is excited to start her next adventure as a Jungian Life Coach to share what she learned and help others reach the goals they want in life in a powerful way.




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