61: Why Being in the “Flow” Can Be Keeping You Stuck

Do you feel relieved when things are flowing in your life and then feel anxious when conflicts and challenges arise? Find out why “the flow” is over-rated and how it can be a misperception that is keeping you stuck in life.

EPISODE 61: Why Being in the “Flow” Can Be Keeping You Stuck

In this episode, we describe how your attachment to being in the flow can be keeping you from what you really want. Learn:

  • How some people think they are “in the flow” but are really stuck in ego auto-pilot going in circles, avoiding obstacles
  • Why we avoid conflict and challenges and seek “flow”
  • How to move out of stagnation and enter a state of regeneration by facing conflicts
  • The creative process is not just about being in the flow but embracing the light and dark aspects of ourselves and life
  • How breakups, layoffs, illness, money problems, dating dry-spells are showing us where we are stuck and how they can be a catalyst to get what we really want in life.

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